The Japenase numerology of 9 Star Ki
The five elements are manifested by a pulsation of Yin and Yang energies. By themselves they are all that is in our univers. The study of their relation with the physical environment is called Feng Shui. The study of their relation to our temporal environment is called 9 Star Ki, Kyu Sei Ki Gaku in Japanese.
The cycle of the transformations of the 5 elements, which contract and expand on a 9 beat rythm, offers us a key in understanding what we are at a certain moment in our environment.

9 Star Ki offers a key for a better understanding of :

  • our life, potential, qualities and struggles
  • tendencies that can manifest when we are unbalanced
  • qualities which are important to cultivate
  • challenges that need to be faced
  • relations with our partners, families, colleagues, friends, domestic pets
  • the education of our kids
  • health issues
  • nutrition
  • travels and moves
  • the events in the world and history

A session of numerology…
…lasts around 1 hour or 90 minutes. At our troubled times, — the internet being our best ally, I consult at distance using communication tools like WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc…
In order to clarify and to add elements of response to your questions, I also use the Yi Qing — which emerged from the Dao 3000 years ago — and henceforth is directly related to the 9 Star Ki.
All I need is your birthdate and your willingness to explore your life and nature.

Conferences and workshops — through internet or in presence
I love to share my passion and offer:
—> a talk or conference of introduction to Chinese numerology
—> a workshop of 6 sessions of 90 minutes for a group of max. 15. The numerology opens new perspectives on our own lives and will allow each one to use this precious tool for a better understanding of our personal and professional history and interactions.
The ultimate goal is that we may live with more freedom and learn to dance with the circumstances of our lives…

I’ll present :

  • The context of the Chinese wisdom of the Dao
  • The yin&yang
  • The five elements and their interdependence
  • The characteristics of the elements and 9 numbers on a personal and universal level
  • The cycles of time
  • Our personal themes
  • The personal and professional interactions
  • The person in time

9 Star Ki or the energy of time
Our personal life is generally linked to the cycles of years and months : 9 days, 9 months, 9 years… But our planet is to be read in relation to the cycles of 81 years, 729 years or even 6589 years. The 5 elements are like the cogs of an old watch, each cog rotating at its own rythm, but none will ever find the exact same location in relation to the others.

1 is allocated to water — fluidity, introspection, winter
2 is allocated to earth — stability, stagnation, end of summer
3 is allocated to wood — creativity, spring
4 is allocated to wood — communication, spring
5 is allocated to earth — the center, the emperor
6 is allocated to metal — management of ressources, autumn
7 is allocated to metal — ressources, joy, autumn
8 is allocated to earth — change, end of winter
9 is allocated to fire — splendour, summer