Shiatsu for You

If you have come to this web site new to Shiatsu, with or without a personal or physical problem to solve, you might ask : « Why would I try shiatsu, what might I be missing here and what new and useful experience would this bring me? »

Here are some of the benefits of shiatsu

Shiatsu acts on :

The nervous system




Loosing weight or balancing weight

The immune system

Flexibility and resistance of the body

A faster recovery after an accident or trauma

Our emotions and joy of living

Transformation of old patterns


Detox of the metabolism

Shiatsu can also assist in a life crisis, bereavement or depression, as it can with some back problems. You may come away perceiving your own self in a more spacious and peaceful or positive way, and connect better with the present moment. This short description is a small fraction of what Shiatsu may be able to offer you.

What happens during a Shiatsu session ?

A session lasts about an hour.

Shiatsu is always practiced on the clothed body, just removing belts, emptying pockets and lying on a ‘futon’ on the floor. It is good if you have not had a big meal beforehand. Your work will be solely to relax.

If possible, I prefer to meet you in my practice room in Lodève where the environment is absolutely right. However I happily also work (internationally) at your place of choice, particularly if several friends meet for Shiatsu sessions.

I also offer seated massage on a chair with sessions lasting between 10 and 20 minutes. This can be easily applied to more public events and is useful for demonstrating Shiatsu.

Shiatsu is in no way a substitute for a doctor or traditional western medicine.