What is SHIATSU ?

SHIATSU comes from Shi – hand, and atsu – pressure.

Shiatsu resembles acupuncture with the difference that instead of needles, – hands, fingers, feet and elbows apply pressure on these ‘energy’ highways called ‘meridians’. Like musical strings, they vibrate at points called ‘tsubos’. By touching them they allow a specific action on the meridian and on the organ which it is linked to – and on the whole body and soul…

The chinese were the first, around 4000 years ago, to develop this healing art, which is based on a very global view of the being. The chinese consider that every living being is part of a flowing energy called ‘QI’. The QI flows through the earth and the sky, it is in the seasons and the changing hours of the day and night, it is in the wind, the sea, the trees… in the elements, in living beings and everything around us.

We can also find it in our own particular habits, in our state of mind, in our reactions…

The movement of QI, constantly flowing from YIN to YANG and YANG to YIN,  allows the expression of our life and who we are.

In Japan, shiatsu was the domain of the blind, who knew how to ‘read’ with their hands. During the wars of the end of the 19th century and WW1, no medicine was available and shiatsu was used effectively to relieve the suffering of soldiers. Later, more techniques of massage and meridian stretches were incorporated.


It is through touching that we contact the flow of QI. Touch is the essence of this art. Through touch we understand our mother’s love at the moment of birth and take contact with the surrounding world. It is the monopoly of mammals.

Through touch we can diffuse a blocked energy or on the contrary make it move smoothly by stimulating a tired QI. All the art is there.

Hands know how to listen and talk…