Anette Cyran

I started shiatsu in 1985 In Paris with Michel Odoul, founder of the French Institute of Shiatsu and subsequently went on with my studies in Tokyo, Japan, with Master Suzuki, a direct disciple of Masunaga Senseï. (the founder of so-called ZEN Shiatsu). In 1993 I obtained my Diploma of Shiatsu Practitioner from the SUZUKI SCHOOL OF SHIATSU and have been practising professionally in southern France and abroad since 1994.
Very young, I had a ‘life with horses’ while working, among other jobs, in Maison Lafitte training racehorses every morning.

When I was travelling in Australia, a friend who was retraining racehorses for jumping and dressage asked me to give a shiatsu treatment to a mare of hers and gave me the first major published book on equine shiatsu: “Touching Horses” by Pamela Hannay. I read it that night and went to meet the mare next day. Her reaction and the feeling of it were marvellous: she closed her eyes, relaxed and tuned in completely.

It is mostly the English and Americans who have developed this art , which now has a recognised professional diploma in the UK. I had caught the bug, decided to become an equine shiatsu practitioner, and so registered with the excellent School of Equine Shiatsu in Sussex, England, where I expect to graduate early in 2013.

My passion for shiatsu has not stopped growing since, both for my human and equine clients.

The sensitivity of the horse – expressed through very subtle signs – obliged me to improve my listening skills with hands and heart. Humans too, often communicate more genuinely in silence than with words.