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Jocelyne Maiga

Ils n’hésitent pas de s’adresser à elle, car elle les entend, les comprend et elle peut vous traduire leurs soucis en langue humaine… Il arrive que les humains soient trop obtus pour entendre, et pourtant il y a tant de choses à dire!

Allez faire un tours sur son site, votre compagnon quotidien peut changer votre vie et d’une façon que vous n’auriez pas soupçonnée.

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regardez aussi le site de Dr Michel LARROCHE

qui fait un travail surprenant et non pas seulement avec les chevaux…

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concerning feeding: still on the site of ‘equine clarity’:

I said I was going to try to supplement Myrnah’s diet to help her, but it has taken some trial and error over the last few weeks to understand that this newly domesticated mustang does not consider grain or pellets to be food. She will pick all the carrots carefully out of the grain and leave the rest behind. During the winter I did convince her to eat some hay pellets and vitamins, but, now that green grass is in more abundance, she won’t touch the concentrated feed. The only concentrated feed I have been able to get her to eat is alfalfa hay, and even that only in a limited quantity.

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From Jill Blake, from the School of Equine Shiatsu
The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust Whilst at Hickstead earlier this year, I made contact with the two ladies who raise funds for this charity. I was so impressed with the work they were doing in Gambia, raising the awareness of the needs of donkeys and horses, that I promptly decided that we should become sponsors of this charity. As a school, we have always supported a charity group and until further notice, this is now ours! We sponsor a donkey called Troika – she has only 3 hooves but now miraculously has a new prosthetic foot which she is getting used to. The scale of the suffering and ignorance about equines is, from what I have seen, truly staggering. These good people are constantly raising funds to help and these funds are used for buying new bits, harnesses, food, shelter and of course, veterinary care.Many of the animals are now fit and well and returning to work with better educated owners and their families. They now have a School Education Programme and weekly Donkey Club meetings as it is often the children who are the main carers. The Trust is now 10 years old and if any of you are interested in their work, or even paying a visit to do Shiatsu, please let me know. They have a visitor lodge in a neighbouring village and always welcome new friends. In any case please visit their web-site and find out what they do: